About Us

Trendy, safe and easily customized for all mothers, Mommy Necklaces are the stylish solution to accessorizing motherhood. We make style attainable.

Our company began with a simple observation; a bright engaging necklace could make a difference in helping a distracted baby focus.  In becoming mothers we often give up so much of ourselves-and for good reason!  But thanks to the durability of Mommy Necklaces, we can still accessorize with style.  Guaranteed against breakage and made from quality manufactured acrylic and silicone beads, Mommy Necklaces are safety assured. We offer an innovative collection of necklaces that make wearing jewelry (awesome!) and being a mom (more awesome!) a fantastically awesome pair.

Each Mommy Necklace is handmade with eye-catching beads that are lightweight and comfortable to wear.  Define your look with our tastefully designed seasonal collections, made to mirror and coordinate with current trends. We design our jewelry for every mom, with your lifestyle in mind.

Our promise reaches beyond beautiful accessories. We want to inspire you to raise amazing, positive kids while staying serious about taking care of yourself too.  YOU are beautiful and loved and we want to remind you of that.  We promise to design products that evoke passion and inspire the  beauty that is motherhood without sacrificing your sense of style.