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Our components are consciously sourced from usa-based companies. Our necklaces are delicately hand-crafted by an outstanding group of woman.  While our jewelry is beautiful, durable, and functional, it is also something you can wear with pride.  We are proud to share our sources and let you know exactly where we come from (and it is not China).  Costume jewelry sourced from overseas is often found with high levels of toxins and carcinogens, to read more about some recently conducted tests click here.  Unfortunately, this is what happens when "cheaper means better".


Our beaders are the core of Mommy Necklaces and are all woman residing in the West Michigan area.  Most are moms with babies and young children who balance beading with busy schedules.  We've been known to do trade-offs and quick meetings in parking lots (between picking kids up and having to run how and cook dinners for our families) and we frequently joke we could write a book about the stories from our days.  Put it this way, all of us sleep well.  

But, let it be known:  without the MN designers, no bead would ever get stranded.  No style would ever be created.  If you're already an owner of a Mommy Necklace, that strand around your neck was conceived by the time and hands of a mom (and she loved it!). While Leslie creates the master template for all designs, the MN designers re-create her fashions with passion.  Ask anyone who has beaded for Mommy Necklaces and they will tell you, it can be a tedious task.  However, the reward is tremendous.  Our beaders are compensated for their time and rewarded with devoted fans who are incredibly thankful for the time they give of themselves and their hands.  When we are working on large contract orders, we can have up to 30+ designers beading for Mommy Necklaces.  




Our cording is sourced from a small family-owned company in Connecticut.  They have been a reputable manufacturer since the 1940s.  They are wonderful to work with and custom dye our cording just for Mommy Necklaces.  Our cording is an exceptionally strong (300 lbs) Spectra that will hold up to a giant's tug.  


Our website is designed by iCreativeMedia.  We love working with Stacey and Dragos!  Stacey is an active WAHM mom to a very busy family.  We appreciate all the time she gives to help design and maintain our website.  If you like what you see here, definitely get in touch with Stacey and her design team.  


Both our outer sleeves and inner inserts are printed and sourced from small USA companies.  Our vinyl sleeve manufacturer is out of California and the owner's daughter is always a joy to talk to.  Having a young baby herself (who would often enjoys pulling on the phone cord relentlessly during our conversations), she was especially interested in who we were and what we were doing.  Our printer is local and a short drive from our design studio and office.  Holland Litho is committed to quality and never disappoints with their quick turnaround time and attention to detail.  They have environmentally-friendly production standards too.  You can find their website here.  


Our closure was designed by Ken Orr, owner of OrrbitDesign.  Again, he is a local resident of Holland, MI.  Not only is Ken our engineer, but he is also a big fan of the same local coffee shop as Raelynn.  ;)  He did a great job designing our closure and listening to our unique needs and design obstacles.  If you'd like to get in contact with him, his email is ken.orr@orrbitdesign.com.  

Our closure is molded by KAM Plastics here in Holland, MI.  You can learn more about KAM by visiting their website.  They are another employee-owned company full of amazing people.  Though they usually service the automotive industry, Dan is the man who took on the task of molding for MN.  Eric is the guy who helped us work through the obstacles despite a few set-backs while in the development stage.  From what I hear, Eric is a very busy (and terrific) dad to a very busy family himself.  A special shout out to Eric for truly caring about us and our final product.  (picture below:  Dan and Ray molding our closure)

Holland Town Center

Our design studio and office is located in Suite B110 at the Holland Town Center in Holland, MI.  Though we aren't open to the public, we are exploring the option of style sessions and more frequent Open House events.  If you'd like to purchase Mommy Necklaces in Holland, MI, please check out Tip Toes located on downtown 8th Street. 

The Holland Town Center is doing amazing things in efforts to revitalize the shopping outlet area near Dutch Village.  While the exterior is getting a warm makeover, the Holland Town Center is also supporting the urban develop of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) ran by Eighth Day Farms - Farming in the City (We have our share!  Do you?).  A large portion of the unused parking lot was stripped away and replaced with fresh soil to grow lush veggies right in the heart of Holland (so convenient and much prettier than looking at concrete).  We can't wait for our first baskets this season!  

The Holland Town Center is also the place to find EcoBuns (A terrific natural parenting store ran by Candice who is also the wife to one of the boys who owns a Holland favorite -- deBoers Bakery!  Candice is a busy mom of beautiful little girls.  If you are local and interested in cloth diapers, find her!), the GAP outlet, Avalon School of the Arts (The owner Marie is a frequent beader for Mommy Necklaces and has modeled for us time and time again.  She is a beautiful mom to two talented kids and wonderful wife to her musician husband.  Check them out for dance or theatre class, if you are local.)  and a few other unique stores.  If you are a local business looking for retail or office space, get in touch with Drew who can take you on a tour of available suites.  If you decide to settle in, the other main man around "the town" is Mike.  Mike will make sure your unit is in ship-shape condition.  Their website is found here.  

We are so conscious and passionate about where we spend and invest our dollars.  Please know that every dollar you spend at Mommy Necklaces is returned 100% to families, just like yours.  Thank you for your interest and investment in Mommy Necklaces and the threads that strand us all together.