Are Mommy Necklaces for teething?

Mommy Necklaces are absolutely safe however our jewelry is not created with the intent of use as a teething toy.  Our jewelry is intended for adult jewelry wear only.   However, our beads are non-toxic and will not pass any harmful chemicals into a mouth that may momentarily mouth it.  Most babies (ok, all babies?) go through a stage where they put everything in their mouths, regardless of its safety as a teether or not. Your child is free to touch and tug on your necklace without the concern of breakage or unknown toxins passing onto their itty bitty hands.  There is also a satisfying sense of pride knowing your acrylic beads are 100% USA-made, completely nontoxic, and no cheap "fillers" were used in the production of the components around your necklace.  Afterall, your necklace touches your skin for hours each day.  Our focus is on using 'true' jewelry components paired with the durability to withstand motherhood and a functional style that makes sense and feels good too!  As mothers, we give up so much of ourselves.  While we're bound to find slobber or drool as an everyday part of our lives, it doesn't have to be on our jewelry too.  "To be drooled over, not on." - We say!

What are your beads made out of and where do they come from?

Most of our beads are made from acrylic and are manufactured 100% in the USA.  Both our manufacturer and Mommy Necklaces participate in independent testing on the beads.  Our manufacturer is a terrific, employee-owned company that is truly a gem, in more than one way.  We are very proud to support and purchase from the amazing people who manufacturer our beads.

Our newest addition silicone beads are manufactured in China by another terrific company who have been a joy to work with. 
Is your cording strong enough to withstand a strong child?
Yes.  Our cording has a 300 lb. break strength.  No worries!

How often do your styles change?

Our styles change every six to seven months.   If there is a collection you love, grab it while its here!  You never know which collection may be going OOP (out of production) with our next seasonal design change.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  We ship worldwide. 


How do I become an authorized retailer?

Please read and see here and then email wholesale@mommynecklaces.com.  

I've been a fan of Mommy Necklaces for awhile.  Can I still order a MPA (mid-point adjustment)?

Yes.  You may order a MPA on Dangling Donuts Strands.  This will only remove the two small round beads at the mid-point and it will slightly reduce the overall length of your necklace by less than half an inch (about .45 to be exact).  If you'd like an MPA, please make a note when you submit your order. There is no additional charge.

Can I request a custom design?

As the designer of Mommy Necklaces, Leslie is the only one who handles custom requests.  However, as you can imagine, custom designs can be time consuming, especially when we are handling a high order volume.  For this reason, the ability to order a custom design will come and go from the MN website.  If a custom slot is available the product Custom Mommy Necklace will show in stock.  If all slots are full or Leslie is simply too busy to handle any customs work, the product Custom Mommy Necklace will show as out of stock.  To order, simply fill out the requested information regarding your color choices and length then proceed as you would with any website order.  Custom work may take up to two weeks.  You may request specific bead colors, color order, and any length you desire, but ultimately, your custom creation must reflect the existing Mommy Necklaces design flow.  Meaning, if you are ordering a Dangling Donut Strand, your custom necklace will be created in the general bead pattern of our other Dangling Donuts Strands, but within your color guidelines.  Of course, since this is a custom creation and you are paying extra for design time, you may mention all your request when ordering and we will do our best to bridge your ideas to the Mommy Necklaces design framework.   Custom work is non-refundable after youve received email notification that your order is in process. You will receive a picture to brag about your custom Mommy Necklace!  ;)

My closure is so hard to open.  How do I open it?

When undoing your break-away closure, break it apart.  Do not pull your closure apart in a parallel direction.  If you were wearing your necklace, the closure would break around your neck - not parallel to your neck.  Our closures are not meant to be directly pulled apart.  Instead, use one finger as leverage and break your closure apart (just like you would break a stick) by pushing downward with your opposite hand.  Over time it is normal for your closure to loosen a little, but it should never be so loose it is an inconvenience to wear.  

My closure has a small gap in it.  Is that normal?

Our closure was specifically designed to cause less strain on the hands of our designers.  Because the male end of the clasp snaps together, it is normal to see a hairline gap in the closure.  Your closure is not compromised or at risk of coming apart.  This is normal.

How much slack is normal in a Mommy Necklace?

While there should not be a large (greater than .5 inch) gap that exposes the cord between your beads, having up to .5 inch in cording exposed is not a cause for concern.  If you have more cording exposed than you are comfortable with, which may happen after your Mommy Necklace breaks in.  You are always welcome to send it in for restringing, but certain fees will apply.

Are Mommy Necklaces guaranteed?

Your Mommy Necklace is guaranteed from breakage.  

Your initial purchase includes an insurance policy.  With your purchase, you are guaranteed a break-free necklace for one-year.   When you need a necklace repaired or restrung, and you purchase it second-hand or do not have proof of purchase date, the following fees apply:

Restringing Fees

If purchased within one-year with proof of purchase:  FREE per necklace
If purchased over one-year with proof of purchase:  $2.50 per necklace

If purchased, at any time, from Mommy Necklaces, a retailer, or second-hand source without proof of purchase:   $8.00 per necklace

Our insurance fees only cover the cost of the new cording, closure, and shipping.  Once restrung, your Mommy Necklace is again guaranteed for one-year.  These fees allow us to continually service and repair all Mommy Necklaces, regardless of where an when they were purchased.  

Shipping fees to Mommy Necklaces are your responsibility.  The fees above include return shipping (First Class) back to you.  There are no additional or hidden fees to restring your necklace.   There are no limitation to what can be restrung.

How do I send in my necklace for repair or a restringing?

First, you must purchase a restringing.  To do so, fill out all the requested information and proceed through our website - just as you would a typical order.  You do not receive Reward Points for a restringing nor can you use a gift card to purchase one.  You will also not be charged shipping for this purchase.   

Please ship your necklace in a padded envelope along with your restringing order number or print out to:

Mommy Necklaces LLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              663 Douglas Avenue                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Holland, MI  49424

Once your necklace is received, your order will be moved to processing (your order status is viewable when you are logged into your account on our website).  

How do reward points work?

You receive 1 point for each dollar you spend.  

How do I accumulate and redeem points?

To begin accumulating points, you need to have a registered account on our website. To view or redeem your reward points, simply log in to your account. Redeem your points at any of the levels specified below by logging in and clicking Redeem. While reward points are not transferable between accounts, they do not expire. 

Reward points may or may not be offered during our online sales. The terms of sale will state if purchases from a particular sale are eligible for points.

Wholesalers and retailers are not eligible for reward points. 


150 pts = 22.50 Gift Card = 15% return

250 pts = 42.50 Gift Card = 17% return 

350 pts = 70.00 Gift Card = 20% return  

 If you have a FAQ you do not see here, Contact Us!