Mommy Necklaces: Non-toxic & Baby Safe

What’s lurking in your jewelry box?

As mothers, we are swimming in a sea full of options! It’s sometimes hard to know which items to choose for ourselves and our families. Which items are the safest, and most comfortable? Which will last and withstand the wear and tear of everyday life? At Mommy Necklaces, we strive to take the uncertainty out of one decision for you...which accessories to buy!
When we began researching components for our necklaces, we quickly learned that not all jewelry is created equally. The toxic factor can easily be overlooked with costume jewelry, and pieces marketed towards nursing mothers, or as baby friendly are no exception. We wanted our jewelry to be trendy, lightweight, and non-toxic too-- after all our own babies would be handling them! SO, we tested our beads along with favorite jewelry items sent in by some of our fans to compare. The results were astonishing. Are you ready to baby-proof your jewelry collection? If so, read on...