Nourish Necklace

Nourish Necklace

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Black and White
Garnet Accent
34" (standard)
5 Ring Add-Ons
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The Nourish Necklace is available in 4 Color Choices:
Black and White

If you are sending the Nourish Necklace as a gift, the packaging includes an explanation about the products intended use.  The Nourish Necklace comes packaged in a clear pouch that is hot-stamped with our brand name.

Nourish Necklace by Mommy Necklaces
for feeding time fiddlers
Inspired by nursing babies.  Unique eye-catching and hand-catching design.  An appealing necklace for those babies who love to fiddle and twiddle. Little black dress worthy? Probably not.  A must-have accessory for an innocently pinched mom? YES!
The Nourish Necklace is a wearable sensory experience that brightens up nursing time by engaging a twiddling baby.  Stranded at approximately 33" inches long, the Nourish Necklace is known as THE nursing necklace among breastfeeding moms.  This bold and shimmering design will capture baby's attention, thus reducing distractibility and encouraging a nursing session that lasts longer than the classic 1-minute-on, 1-minute-off breastfeeding battle.  We've been there; we totally understand.  
The Nourish Necklace is artfully stranded.  This necklace's unique beads feature shimmer colors, smooth textures, and large shapes that are stranded to interest little fingers while the mouth is busy feeding (this necklace is not for teething).  Fun for babies, a relief for mom, Nourish is a nursing must-have.  As much fun as Nourish is, though, remember that it is still a piece of jewelry: Please do not use it as a toy or allow a child to wear it.  The Nourish Necklace is a unique necklace designed to be worn by mom as a tool while nursing. 
Colored Ring Add-Ons are optional and may be purchased in birthstone-inspired colors.  Ring Add-Ons make a intriguing accessory when added to this necklace (to be touched only while ON the necklace).  You may purchase 5 Ring Add-Ons for $3.00 when you purchase the Nourish Necklace.  This deal is not available seperately and may only be ordered in conjunction with the Nourish Necklace.  The 5-pack includes:  Amethyst, Topaz, Ruby, Peridot, and Sapphire.  If you would like to substitute another color, please make a note in the comments section of your order as to which 5 colors you would prefer.   
If you get it, you probably NEED it, NOW (or maybe even yesterday!).  Make feeding time a little more nourishing with this one-of-a-kind nursing necklace -- you'll be glad you did!
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